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This turn-based multiplayer fighting game allows you to play as a beetle themed train. This game is designed to be played with other beetle train enthusiasts. Using the console controllers, this game can be turned from a duel to a classic party game.

This game was created by the Bug Conductors (Josh Walker, Corina Reitemeyer, Nina Estrella, Juan Alejandro Morais, Sami Habib, Tim Donnan and Bella Grigg-Eyley) for Kiwi Game Jam 2019.


On a quiet night, there were two beetle trains. They’ve sworn to be enemies, as they realised only one of them could be the Leader of the Beetle trains and reign the one and only train track in Beetle Burg. One wanted the track to go North, the other one wanted it to go South. They knew that they couldn’t fight each other alone, so they asked the surrounding bugs for help. 

These little helpers were called carriage bugs. Having their own secret motives, they promised each beetle train to help them within their powers. Each bug had a friendly and evil connection to one another. Some connections would strengthen and some would weaken the beetle train, so the beetle trains had to choose their allies wisely. The more powerful the bug’s connections were to another, the stronger was the attack. 

And so it continued; each beetle train picked three bugs to fight each other in their ambition to reign Beetle Burgs train track....until one perished into the night.


  1. Move & click the mouse to select elements in the game.
  2. The lights indicate who's players turn it is.


Mac OS 96 MB
Windows 79 MB

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